Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tater Hater on the Loose After Spud Smashing

This just in from the Potato Civil Liberties Union...

Tater Hater On the Loose after Spud Smashing

“Baked Potato Day” turned somber after a spud smashing incident on Wednesday, July 16, 2008. All potatoes know that this celebrated day is when the potato elite make it to the plates of hundreds of company employees. This is the day we potatoes grow for and dream about in the field. My fellow taters, one of our own had its dream cut short today.

Witnesses report Potato # 980### (number held secret until family notification) was slammed recklessly to the floor without any warning. According to one eyewitness and spud supporter, “It was terrible. There was this horrible crashing sound and the poor potato body was ripped in two, one half hanging out of the container. There was sausage, salsa, butter and green onions everywhere. I think I even heard laughter. The potato was quickly picked up and hurled in the trash. I saw no remorse. This tater hater needs to be caught.”

A picture of the tater hater has been provided by this eyewitness. If you see this person, do not try to apprehend on your own. Call the potato hotline at 1.888.LUV.SPUD and find safety immediately.

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