Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My first blog post

This is so exciting. It's a lot of pressure to say something cool for your very first blog. I am amazed at how fast you can get started. I love Google.

Why my own blog? Why now? Well, I was sending out emails this morning to different people on different topics, and my friend, Misty suggested starting a blog. I was like, yeah, I should, but isn't it complicated to do? Apparently not, again LOVE Google. 15 minutes later, here we go. So stay tuned... this is going to be so fun!!!

1 comment:

Shyan said...

It's about darn time you gave your life's moments the spotlight. I look forward to reading about your new recipes, who you had dinner with, what bible study was like and what crazy things you are getting in to now. Love ya girl!

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