Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pink Power Ranger Sighting

This picture was taken by an "untrained, non-professional". Please do not attempt this on your own. At approximately 6pm on Monday, July 28th - a "Pink Power Ranger" on a pink scooter was spotted on Hwy 80 (see tire on the right side of the picture). This is not the first time I had seen the Pink Power Ranger. It is a site to behold. The Pink Power Ranger has blonde hair and a pink helmet to match the pink scooter. I really tried to get a picture, but as you can see my photography skills are lacking especially while driving in the car. I'm sure that's on the list of things "not" to do while driving. As I drove past her, I think I saw one of the Disney Princesses on the back of her helmet. I was so mesmerized that I almost ran off the side of the road. I was literally on the side of road with my car doing that "thud thud thud" noise. It was a little embarrassing. I'm sure the people behind me thought I was drunk. I do want to comment that I do not think scooters are supposed to be on the Hwy. She can only go about 45 miles - and that doesn't seem very safe. Apparently, this is becoming a new trend which I can understand due to gas prices. I think scooters and vespas are for jutting around the neighborhood (in Europe some where). Anyway, please stay tuned. I am determined to get a picture.

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