Monday, July 28, 2008

Working out

Well, I'm on a roll. I have worked out every day since Friday. Ok, so that is only 4 days (including today) - but I've been averaging about twice a week which explains why I've only lost about 12 lbs since January. My new plan is to get up every weekday morning (except for Tuesdays) and hit the gym by 5:30 at the latest. Today was Day one of this new plan, I was there at 5:50 this morning. I was still able to get to work by 8:15. I won't do it on Tuesdays because I have a standing appt with my trainer at 6pm. I'm going to try to stick to 1500-1800 calories. Here are my goals:

10 lbs by 8/6 (Yvette's Wedding in Chicago)
25 lbs by 9/13 (25 yr. High School Reunion)
40 lbs by 12/13 (Ryan's Graduation)

Stay tuned.

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