Monday, August 4, 2008

Simply Wines

Believe it or not, I am a wine snob. I can spot a "newbie" right away. All wine drinkers start out "hating" red wine.. and drinking white zin. C'mon, remember the day?? We were all there. Then it gravitates to "Kendall Jackson". That's the wine everyone buys thinking it's the "in" wine. Kendall Jackson is not a good wine, people. Quit pretending that you like it. It's ok, no one really does.

I appreciate a good expensive wine, but my budget doesn't always allow it. So, I am always trying out inexpensive wines under $10. I love finding something inexpensive that tastes good and even great.

My favorite places to buy wine - World Market, Whole Foods, Central Market, Costco, Centenniel, San Martino, Tom Thumb, Kroger

I'm going to throw a wine out there for people to just "try", and I want welcome your comments. Before you get all "snobby" on me, just try it. It's called "Oak Leaf " Chardonney. It is only $2.97 at Walmart. Now, if you don't like Chardonney's already, well then it's not really fair. You have to like dry white wines in order to appreciate this one. Actually, the Pinot Grigio and the Merlot are good as well.

Another cheap wine is from the Barefoot winery. I like all the flavors. Pinot Grigio, Chardonney and Merlot. A regular bottle ranges from $5-7 dollars. They have the big liter bottles that range from $10 - 13 dollars. Pinot is usually the cheapest. This brand is carried at most liquor and grocery stores. They even have a champagne that I think is very good.

Whole Foods has a 365 Chardonney and Merlot in a liter bottle that is under $10. They are good. I think the last time I was there, they were only 8.99. It's not bad.

I recently bought a good red Argentina wine - Pascual Toso at Costco for 8.99. It is really good, and I would serve to guest.

Tom Thumb has a wine that comes in the liter bottle - I think the name is Oak Creek. It's only $6 or 7 dollars, but it is a good wine. I have bought the Chardonney and the Merlot.

So, this is my take on inexpensive wines. I have tried many. I do not like Gallo, Sutter Home, Beringer, St Genevieve, Vendage, etc. This is just a sampling from the different stores I've visited. I hope you try them, and if you do, please provide me your feedback. I would love to have a wine tasting and pair my inexpensive wines against some pricey wines, and see how they fare.

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