Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mamma Mia

Finally got to see it. Went with the girls from work to the Studio Movie Grill. It was great fun especially since we could eat and drink there! This was definitely a movie that required a little alcohol to go with it. The movie was a little cheesy as to be expected, but lots of fun. I hadn't read any of the reviews, but someone did mention that Pierce Brosnan's singing was pretty bad. I am glad I was forewarned.. poor guy... Meryl was great. You can tell she had tons of fun making that movie. Plus, she looked awesome!

An added bonus was that I was able to get a free pass. I bought some Ponds cold cream, not for the free ticket, but because it makes your skin "glow".. and there was a little sticker on it regarding "Mamma Mia". I went to the website, and I got a free pass. It was great. More money for beer. I will say this, the food isn't worth the calories. I tasted the potato skins - not good; the steak quesadillas - not good ; and the mini burgers - not good. The chicken nachos are good but only because they are soaked in queso. I think I ate about 600 calories in food.. thank goodness I only ate about 500 earlier in the day, so I had about 1000 to spare.

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