Monday, August 4, 2008

Nashville Star

I don't think many (if any) of my friends have been watching this show, but I have been a "closet" watcher from the beginning. There were so many talented people. I voted for Gabe Garcia and Melissa Lambert from the beginning. Gabe, because he has that authentic "George Strait" sound that is so country and sexy.. and Melissa because her voice is just that good, and I feared she wouldn't make it because she was overweight. Throughout the season, I believe she lost at least 70 lbs. There were some sexy, hot girls that she was in competition with, and this just proves to me that people are interested in a good voice. I'm hadn't been so sure after watching "American Idol" the last couple of years. I agreed with the latest winner, David Cook - but not a big Taylor Hicks or Jordan Sparks fan. Anyway, tonight was the season finale, and I'm so excited that Melissa won. I truly was surprised, and cried a little tear. She is very good, and a great example that when you are good at what you do, size doesn't really matter.

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