Thursday, September 25, 2008

Blogging is Addictive

I didn't realize how fun it would be. Before I started blogging in July, I never read blogs. Oh, I might have read the writer from Grey's Anatomy's blog, but that was only because my friend sent it to me. I never saved it or "stalked" it. Now, I'm not only reading other blogs, but stalking as well for ideas on how to improve my blog. How do you think I found my new background. (Don't be surprised when if it changes as I find cooler styles I like).

Thanks to my friend, Jen, I have a new appreciation for the details of the world around me. I notice the smallest of details. Like the other day, it was steak night at dad's -I was on FM 429 - a two lane road - and there it was a poor dead armadillo on it's back with it's legs up in the air. I had to turn around, and get out of the car to take the picture. I put the flashers on - and thank goodness, no cars came by. I almost included it with the post, but it doesn't post well. And then today, I was driving down FM740 - coming home from the gym, and there in front of a house was a used toliet with a FREE sign on it. An awesome photo shoot.. but I do not have a digital camera - and my cell phone battery was dead (which has been the camera used for almost all photos on this blog - which explains the poor quality of some of the pictures). Plus, the road was very busy and narrow which would make a photo shoot very dangerous.
Anyway, please be patient with my blog. I am learning new things all the time. What I'm finding is that there are so many fun things to do with your blog, and so far, everything has been quick and easy. Otherwise, believe me, this blog wouldn't even exist.

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