Saturday, September 6, 2008

Gym Update

Today is Saturday. I'm heading off to the gym. I believe the last time I "blogged" about working out - I had started going in the mornings. Well, that was short lived. I'm still sticking to my commitment to go on days that I have nothing planned which is turning out to be about 4 times a week. I try to go in the mornings, but haven't done so in over a week. It is amazing that exercising is addictive. I can definitely tell a difference since I've stepped it up which gives me incentive to keep going.

Boy, I thought I would be a lot farther along by this time of the year. I still have only lost about 15 lbs. I had hoped to have lost at least 25 lbs by now. My goal is to have it off by Jan/Feb 2009 - so we'll see. There is a contest at my gym every February, and the winner wins a trip. So, I've already told Lana (trainer) I want to do it. So stay tuned.

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heyjendaily said...

Keep it up Sandi. You are working hard and moving in the right direction!

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