Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sharp Objects

During the Tech game, there was a guard standing behind us in the stands. Everytime someone walked up with a "corny dog" - he would stop them, and make them give him their stick. (You know, the stick that holds the "corny" dog) Right there. No waiting for them to finish the "corny" dog - they had to pull the stick out right then. He was very nice about it, but it was very weird. Weird for the person who felt like they were doing something wrong for eating a "corny" dog, and weird for those of us who had to witness it many, many times. I tried to get a picture of the guard holding the "deadly" sticks, but he was behind me, and I just looked very obvious. In his defense, the sticks did have pointed ends, and apparently, they must have been used as weapons in the past. My question is then why did they serve them on those sticks if they were so dangerous????

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