Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Asia World Market

Misty & I met on Saturday afternoon in Plano to check this place out.

There were several different brands of jellyfish. I really, really DO NOT WANT to know what they do with this.

Dried Shrimp...hmmmmm.. really??? EWWW!
(Again, lots of this too)

Jujubee's - I thought this was a candy you could buy at the movie theater...
We found these in the produce section.

Speaking of produce, this is Loofah. Seriously!!!
Not sure I'd want to take a bath with THAT!

The biggest freakin' carrots EVER!

The BEST CREPE Ever!!!
Ok, maybe not EVER - but it was an awesome way to end our trip to the market.
Misty and I split one - these are made while you watch, because we do watch what we eat. (whatever - this was just dessert before we went to eat pizza for dinner)
Bananas, whipped cream, caramel, chocolate ice cream folded like a cone.

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