Missed Photo Ops

I thought yesterday was an adventure when I saw a hitchhiker on the side of HWY 30 in Dallas with a sign to WACO. He was wearing a cowboy hat and a vest, and looked like Kinky Friedman. I almost took a picture, but he would have seen me, and I thought it was rude. I am kicking myself now, because the sight has stayed with me.

This morning in the parking garage elevator, the woman next to me was wearing flats that had a design of a cat face on the toe. I literally couldn't stop staring. I could have acted like I was checking messages on my phone and taken a picture with my treo, but what would have happened when it clicked... I am not that brave. So, I searched the internet looking for an exact replica, while I was unable to find an exact - I was able to find the attached....


Just in time for Halloween!!!
(Disclaimer - simplysandi is not endorsing this product. )


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