Sunday, October 19, 2008


I just got back from Walmart. I can't believe I'm 43, and still get embarrassed over buying feminine hygiene products. As you can see, I'm stocking up. (I had coupons, OK????)

Here's the story: I'm checking out. The guy behind me comments on Tony Romo since I am wearing my very stylin' Marion Barber shirt. (I'm like, dang, why did I put the kotex last and not up front) He's a good looking guy - mentions his wife is a Cowboy fan - *heavy sigh* - we continue to chat about the 'boys. I'm feeling all cool and stuff - talking and putting my bags in the cart while the lady is ringing up my items. The next thing I know she's like "Darn! - these not only scanned twice but like 4 times!" "these" are my 28 pack of Kotex Maxi pads, thankyouverymuch! I'm don't know to say. She's holding the pads and the box of tampons thinking she rang both up wrong.. I'm looking out of the side of my eye to see how the guy is handling this sudden turn in conversation - and thanking GOD he's married - good, he's pretending not to pay attention. In my mind, I'm saying 'Quit talking about it, please hurry, you are KILLING me". -OMG - I remembered that I have coupons... do I say anything and make this even worse? I'm sure my face is BEET red by now. I know I'm sweating because while I'm very cute in my Marion Barber shirt - it's 100 polyester jersey sweaty material. Finally, she figured it out - and as she rang up the 2nd box of tampons - I said meekly "Here I have coupons" - C'mon - the whole reason I bought all of that was to USE THE FREAKIN' COUPONS - I'm 43 and not going to be embarrassed. Time to GROW UP and be a Big Girl ! (Or A BIG BOY - for you guys out there who get embarrassed about this stuff)

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