Thursday, November 13, 2008

Graduation Countdown - 30 Days

I came across this the other day.
It's "Words of Wisdom" from family and friends when Ryan graduated from Plano West High School in 2004.

Words from the Wise

Obey the Rules ~ Uncle Steve

Forge ahead for your future. Have fun but remember why you are there ~ Carol Wolfe

Go have fun - Enjoy what you're doing - have no regrets ~ Kim McCauley Phillips

Do what makes you happy - not what pays the most ~ Shawn Flatt

Always be persistent in whatever you strive for. Best Wishes ~ Carla Vaughn Johns

Save for the future ~ John Snow

More school ahead, but it should insure a good future ~ Nancy Nelson

Had fun in the past, but time for you to begin your future, don't give up ~ Erika Rose

Strive for excellence in all you do ~ Kathy Davis

Don't give up on school, no matter how hard it gets - it's worth it ~ Wendy Flatt

Decide where you want your life to end up and then make your plans. You can't know how to get there if you don't know where you are going ~ Shelby Snow

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