Sunday, November 23, 2008

Weekend in Sports

Tech lost to Oklahoma - 65-21. What a hard game to watch. I couldn't believe this was the same team I watched play Texas and Oklahoma State.

While Tech was playing, the Dallas Stars lost to the Anaheim Mighty Ducks 2-1. Poor Stars - just can't seem to rally this season.

On the other hand, my 'boys won today beating San Francisco. The Cowboys were favored to win, but 1st quarter looked a little shaky. They pulled it out during 2nd quarter... beating the 49ers 35-22.

The Giants and the Redskins won today. Giants leading the division with the Cowboys tied with Washington. The Eagles seemed to have lost their mojo.. so not really worried about them.

Cowboys play Seattle on Thanksgiving. They should win -but they are still very unpredictable. The Giants and the Redskins play next Sunday. Next week will be one step closer for the Cowboys to make the playoffs - depending the outcome of these games.

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