Saturday, October 4, 2008

Phone Home

Lot's of posts today - but it's been a day filled with stories .

My son, Ryan called me today. I always get anxious when he calls. In my mind I'm saying, "What's wrong?" but I know I can't say that to him. So, I try to be patient by saying "What's up?" He's like, "Nothing".. (and in my mind, I'm like then why are you calling me.. I love hearing from you but if you have something to tell me.. just say it.. because he is a guy and guys just do not call - even their mothers). So, he's all like "I'm on break (he works at the Gap), just wanted to see how you are" (again, he's 22, and a guy.. and he just doesn't do this).. so I'm like "I'm good" (but get to it.. I know you have something to say)... and here it comes, " Well, I've been learning about the housing crisis, and I was just wondering how you are doing with your house?" (For those of you who don't know, I just bought my first house a year ago) Me, "I'm doing fine with my house. " Son, "Well, what type of financing did you do, adjustable or fixed rate?" Me, "fixed rate". Son, "Good- so you didn't do an adjustable rate (sigh of relief). Well, we're learning about this in class, and I hadn't really been paying attention until now, so I just wanted to make sure you were ok - sounds like you knew what questions to ask, and have it under control, well, your phone is starting to break up, I have to get back to work, I will call you later when I get off work"...

Wow, he's becoming an adult.. it's just so cool! (BTW, he will not call me when he gets off work. It'll be another week or so before he calls me. Although, I will probably "text" him during the Cowboy game tomorrow because that is just how I roll)

Fitness Update

I've only done strength training twice in the last 2-3 weeks. So, today, OMG! My arms were crying. Literally! I struggled with the last sets - but made it through. I even did 30 minutes of cardio. It motivates me to know that I was getting stronger, and since it doesn't take much to lose it, I really need to stay focused. I think I've talked our office into starting a Biggest Loser contest starting on 10/13 for 6 weeks. We'll have weekly weigh in's - and our percentage of weight loss will be charted for all to see. It's competitive, and I lost 15lbs the last time we did it, so I'm hoping it will work again. I talked to Lana today, and she said if I lost 15-20lbs, then I will have a good chance with the contest at the gym in February.

Norma Kamali

I was at Walmart, and there it was. The Norma Kamali Collection. At Walmart!! At Walmart! In all my favorite colors - black, white and red. At Walmart! OMG! My Aunt Janae lived in New York in the 80's. She has an exquisite eye for style, and would send me her "gently" worn clothes. (Side bar - My first "real" job was a receptionist for Wang Laboratories. My clothes were so nice - there were rumors that the company had given me a clothing allowance. Aunt Janae rocks.. and this won't be the last time you hear of her)
One of my favorite pieces was a long flowing skirt with blue/black squares -I think it was flannel. I remember wearing that alot in the late 80's. I don't remember how I looked or what I wore it with. I wish I had a picture. Anyway, seeing the Norma Kamali line at Walmart brought back so many memories. I wanted one of everything - the most expensive item was $20. for a wrap dress. I didn't get that - but I did buy a tank for $6., a long sleeve black t-shirt with a zebra on it for $8., and a pair of black leggings for $10. Really, I was like a kid in a candy store. The prices were amazing. I just couldn't get over it. As soon as I got in the car, I called Aunt Janae and several friends. I am on the look out for a black short sleeved t-shirt with a white lips (like a kiss) . There was only one left - and it was a small.. which, for NOW, is not my size.

If you click on the title of this blog, it will take you to the Norma Kamali collection at Walmart. Anyway, this girl is very excited (if you couldn't tell ) I hope to see more of her stuff there.

Breaking News

Today, at approximately 2:30pm on Hwy 20 coming back from Costco, Lyle Lovett CD "Live in Texas" got stuck my car stereo. dang it dang it dang it

"Flair" for the Jean Jacket Girls

In order to be more popular, you must have "flair".

Friday, October 3, 2008

Lovett - Lovett - Lovett

I'm Lyle Lovett's #1 FAN!!! Maybe not #1 -since I didn't start a fan club or anything like that. I did join a mailing list many years ago when he was with MCA - and they sent me an autographed CD.

I have seen him in concert at Fair Park Music Hall, Smirnoff (now Superpages), and several times at the Bass Performance Hall. But the all time best concert was last year (2007) at the Dallas Museum of Art. OMG!!! It was a private party held by a local law firm here in Dallas. Since this is on the world wide web for all to see, I'm not going to say how I acquired a ticket. Let's just say there was a little bit of trickery involved... but it was so well worth it. I love him! I wanted to marry him but he has since married and is no longer available. Heavy **sigh**.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Lipstick Jungle

A guy I work with recommended this one. I was so skeptical because I do NOT NEED ANOTHER SHOW TO FOLLOW. OMG. So, last night I recorded the VP Presidential Debate - and watched the 2 new episodes of the season. Dang it! I'm hooked. One more show to "record series" on DVR. The only thing that bugs me is all the botox and restylane. I mean, c'mon, your mouth is supposed to move some when you talk!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Missed Photo Ops

I thought yesterday was an adventure when I saw a hitchhiker on the side of HWY 30 in Dallas with a sign to WACO. He was wearing a cowboy hat and a vest, and looked like Kinky Friedman. I almost took a picture, but he would have seen me, and I thought it was rude. I am kicking myself now, because the sight has stayed with me.

This morning in the parking garage elevator, the woman next to me was wearing flats that had a design of a cat face on the toe. I literally couldn't stop staring. I could have acted like I was checking messages on my phone and taken a picture with my treo, but what would have happened when it clicked... I am not that brave. So, I searched the internet looking for an exact replica, while I was unable to find an exact - I was able to find the attached....

Just in time for Halloween!!!
(Disclaimer - simplysandi is not endorsing this product. )

Workout Update

Well, I'd like to say that I stuck to going to the gym in the mornings. Yeah, that was short lived. Sleep won that battle. I have been going after work. Tonight (Wed) marks my 3rd time this week. I just need to keep at it. I plan on really getting stricter with my diet. I really want to lose at least 20lbs by the end of the year. I'm a little disappointed because I haven't really been able to stick to a goal yet. I haven't found that "one thing" to motivate me. I am just not that disciplined. When a guy at work told me today that I should shoot for 30lbs by end of year, I was like, dude, I haven't lost 20 lbs yet.. that's not realistic, but then the more I think about it - there is a part of me that wants to prove I can.. so I'm beginning to realize that maybe competition motivates me. I lost the first 15 lbs at the beginning of the year when my company had a biggest loser contest.. so I think I'm on to something. I just need to find a competition. My gym has one in Feb of next year that I do plan on participating in, but I need to get at least 20lbs off first.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Big Girls Don't Cry

Redskins - 26 / Cowboys 24. :(

I have the Cowboy Blues. I am not a fairweather fan. I love the Cowboys even when the lose, but I tell you what - I do not want to hear the play by play breakdown of all the things they did wrong. I usually watch all the post-game shows when they win, but not this week. I won't even listen to talk radio until after the Cincinnati game.

The Cowboys are 3-1. This is a great start to the season. We will play the Skins again. It will be on Redskins turf, but I know we'll beat them. I have faith.

Still cheering...with a tiny tear.

Picking Flowers

These flowers are so sweet. They bring back memories of when I was a little girl and would pick flowers for my mom.
Now that I am a big girl, and own a home, I realize with a heavy *sigh* that this darling flower is nothing but a weed.. and I have many growing in my front yard.. and the idea of "picking" them all of the sudden isn't so much fun anymore.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cows vs Skins

I love, love, love football!!! I love, love, love the Dallas Cowboys. Right now, I "heart" Marion Barber. He rocks. (I'm still coveting the pink #24 jersey, but can't spent $59.99)

I have been a fan since I was in the 5th grade. I started watching during the Doomsday defense era (Too Tall Jones, Randy White, etc). I will always remember the Cowboys vs the Steelers (or Staubach vs. Bradshaw).
One of my best Cowboy memories is when my friend, Al and I met Bob Hays and Drew Pearson at Aw Shucks in Addison. It was in the 90's. We actually went to Drew Pearson's house and had a drink with Bob Hays. It was a classic moment.

Earlier in the year, my friend, Susan met Randy White when she booked him to speak at one of their company meetings. Being the awesome friend that she is, I now am the proud owner of an autographed picture of Randy White.
So far, my 'boys are rockin' @ 3-0. We play the Redskins today. They are a big rival (along with the Eagles, the Giants, and just about anyone who plays the Cowboys). Kickoff in a hour and a 1/2. I've got my pink Cowboy jersey on.. beer in the fridge.. I AM READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!!!!

Dishes with Style - Rosanna Inc

I am so excited to find this blog. Thank to Google's "Blogs of Note" that I check daily now that I'm an official blog stalker. I bought my first Rosanna tableware years ago. It was around Valentine's Day, and the plates were whimsical with hearts on them. I bought 2 plates, 1 coffee mug and 2 wine glasses with a design that matched the coffee mug. I have since broken those wine glasses, and they were my fav-OR-ite. I only have a couple of her pieces. My pieces do not even begin to represent the quality of her work which can be found at high end department stores and specialty shops, and even on occasion Target. I have never been to Seattle, but when I go, her shop will be one of my first stops.

You can go to her blog by clicking on the title of this blog entry, or

Cinnamon + Sugar Brioche Toast