Friday, January 9, 2009

As Seen on TV - Part ll

This is the bag I am currently using. (Yes, it's vintage Coach) It has to hold my cell phone, house phone, remote control, meds, lip balm, etc. as I move between my office at the breakfast table and the recliner (where I elevate my leg in the evenings). It also carries my shampoo/conditioner from bathroom to kitchen so I can wash my hair.
So, you can see how I might "covet" The Buxton Organizer Bag! It holds all your crap AND 2 BOTTLES OF WATER!!!
This reminds me of the bag from the 1970's commercial... remember it wasn't as sleek, but your keys "snapped" on the inside of the purse. I thought it was the coolest purse ever, and I wanted it in "bone". (c'mon, I was like 7 years old)... Now, I want the new one in RED... because I have better taste now.
Be careful - when you click on this link - it's a commercial.. so don't let the sound scare you.

1 comment:

heyjendaily said...

Order now so you can get the free digital reminder. Butter, Milk, Eggs.... that commercial cracks me up.

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