Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lose 40 pounds

Marie Osmond did it with Nutrisystem; Valerie Bertinelli did it with Jenny Craig.. and now Wynonna is doing it with Alli... (although I'm not sure how much weight she has lost yet).

I have to admit, everytime I see the Nutrisystems commercial, I think "hmm... I do spend that much a month on groceries, and if I order the food, I won't have to think about what I'm going to eat for dinner. It will be planned for me". The problem with this thought process is that I'm a spontaneous eater. I can have 20 lean cuisines in the freezer, and if it doesn't sound good, I'm ordering a pizza. Plus, I like to cook although it is usually on Sundays since it's just me. So, my concern is that I spend the couple hundred dollars on the Nutrisystems food.. and still go to the grocery store and spend another couple hundred dollars, and at the end of the day, end up eating out. It's all about discipline, and as I've mentioned in previous blogs -I do not have it. Obviously!

So, all I can say is "Go Valerie, Go Marie, Go Queen Latifah, and Go Wynonna (although I think she is "going" because I hear Alli can really jack with your digestive system if you do not watch what you eat)".

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N said...

Hi Sandi........the first rule of thumb........I would think.....for anyone wanting to lose weight........would be......" know thyself !" are right on track in this department !'ve gotten the first hurdle beat ! I'm gonna be watching what you do......and how you do an attempt to mimic you......I need to lose at least 40 lbs. or my inspiration........K.? Your description of what would happen if you did go ahead and purchase the nutrisystem food.........then have a hankering for something else...........sounds very much like something I would do we beat that ? Like I said.......I'm gonna be watching you gal ! Good luck { to both of us ! }..............peace and love again.........Norma

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