Thursday, January 8, 2009

Working out

Well, it was just a month ago that every day I'd dread going to the gym after work.. and some days, I'd give in to the dread, and not go... now, I'm sitting here wishing I could go. It's funny how you don't really appreciate something fully until it's taken away from you - even if it's temporarily. The Dr assured me that I will have full use of my leg - it's just a matter of when. I hope that when the time comes, that I continue to appreciate the privilege and not grow to dread it as time goes by. All I know is now that I'm anxious and can't wait. They've already changed the name on me.. It was White Rock Gym, and it is now "Gold's Gym"... which is cool. That was only being gone a week. I hate missing stuff. I only hope the "pricing" doesn't change now that we're a part one of the top 2 gyms in the country. The one good thing is that they put my account on hold for payment for 3 months due to medical condition.

Well, I plan on weighing this weekend - even though it will be skewed from the weight of the splint.. I think I can get a baseline - because the goal now is to definitely NOT GAIN ANY WEIGHT... if I lose some, even better!

Earlier I kept thinking as I'm working at my makeshift desk at the breakfast room table.. if I only had the EASY CURVES. I could be at least giving my breasts a lift.

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