Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pink is Chic

It's hard to believe that 2 1/2 weeks have already past. Dr visit went well today. He took xrays and removed the stitches. There is still swelling, but the leg is already starting to heal - so that is great news. As you can see in the picture, I now have a "walking" cast. I am not able to put pressure on the leg yet, but I'm practicing. I go back to the DR in 3 weeks (February 5th). Then, I may graduate to a boot strap which is removable - so that I can shower!
My son's comment on my choice of color for the cast, "I knew you'd choose pink! That's mature, Mom! Real Mature. I bet it just perfect for the workplace!" Someone needs to lighten up and live a little! We all know how much I {HEART} pink.

Toenails were painted B.A. (Before Accident)!!! I can NOT wait for a pedicure!!!

Blue is Not!

This lovely "moon" shoe is what I have to wear with the cast when I leave the house. You can't tell by this picture, but it's has a thick platform heel to make it even more attractive. It's clunky, and I can already tell you - I'm going to trip with it on. It's GUARANTEED!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Aqua Globes

As Seen On TV just keeps getting better...
Since I have been home, and exposed to all these amazing things you can order on TV - it's funny what comes up in conversation. Like the fact that one of my friends received the "aqua globes" for Christmas. Here are her pictures.

I absolutely love the concept. I am horrible at watering plants. But every time I see the commercials, I ask myself, " Are they cool or just a little over the top? "... and I think these "real life" photos answer my question. Maybe if they had them in "clear"???

Click below to check out the "infomercial" for yourself.

Cinnamon + Sugar Brioche Toast