Wednesday, January 13, 2010

City Boy, Country Living

Isn't he cute in the "mud" boots?
They aren't his...
mud is not his thing...
he's a Gap Guy

he's a Good Guy

helping his Grandpa...

... move this big A.. bay window
to that small barn
through that mud

Now, you might be thinking...
my, that sure is a purty winder to be putting in a barn..
and you are right..
it's a $4000 bay window that my stepmom bought from Home Depot for
yes... $300
It was a special "order" that was "ordered" in the wrong color
So Home Depot was stuck with it
They tried to sell it for $1500
Then when no one would buy it
They called her and took her offer!
Just goes to show that "bargain" shopping pays!
Especially if you need a bay window in your barn!

P.S.  The bay window is NOT for the barn. It's for their house ... some day... when she expands... some day...

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