Thursday, February 18, 2010

Freezer Burn

A couple of days ago, when we still had snow melting all around us
I was sitting in the living room which is open to my kitchen separated by an island.

I hear a loud crash outside my kitchen (or so I think)

I think it's a big piece of ice sliding off my roof
although ice isn't really sliding off anyone's roof.

I look outside.. don't really see anything so I just move on with my day.

Later, I go to get ice out of the freezer and this is what I see...
No, this isn't an ad for Tyson Chicken..

that, my friends, is a diet coke explosion  -  all over my freezer

Poor diet coke can. I completely forgot that I had put a warm diet coke in the freezer to chill.

Man, nothing like having to clean up diet coke slush out of your freezer...

1 comment:

lyn said...

hahaha i've so done this a million times. sorry for your loss! ;)

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