Friday, February 4, 2011

Superbowl Sunday Feast 2010

Whatcha cookin' for the Super Bowl?

I still haven't decided what I'm going to do
so I thought I'd repost last year's menu

Ryan and I are going to my dad's for the game. 
He is making baby back ribs.  I'm using this as an excuse to try some new recipes. 

So here we go...

(Combination of The Pioneer Woman and Paula Deen

(A girl I work with serves this at all her parties, and I love it)

( I have not tried this dip before, but saw it on a SITS featured daily blog from December 2009 and have been dying to try it)

(I have not tried this one either, but OMG - it just sounds good)

Time to get cooking~

I'm following the rcipes exactly - except the Twice Baked Potatoes.
I'm following Pioneer Woman's recipe, but adding cream cheese from Paula Deen's recipe. In The Pioneer Woman Cooks, she uses fresh bacon and so will I.  On her recipe on the website, she uses Hormel packages bacon crumbles.  Note: If you have NOT purchased her cookbook, stop, go to and get a copy. It's the best cookbook EVER.

To get the recipes, click on the dish above.  

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