Tuesday, March 23, 2010

American Idol - 11 Finalists

Doesn't he look like a young Vince Gill?
Or for those who were around in the '80's
a young Andrew Dice Clay?
I can't remember what he sang
which I guess means he was "forgettable"
in Simon Cowell words
ok.. someone please tell me why
is she still on?
Lacey Brown was a much better singer

This kid is just craZy
Doesn't he remind you of Michael J. Fox?
I understand he's the one to vote for according to

"I pity the fool who doesn't vote for me"
(Mr T flashback- if you are too young to remember,
google it, I believe the A Team is making a come back)
I'm sorry, but I'm so over Teddy Bear

Crystal rocks!
Just me and Bobby McGee...
(Can't wait to download it on iTunes)
This girl has soul and she rocks it
"I love you Hannah Montana"
wasn't he on "Malcolm in the Middle"

The next Wayne Newton
vegas baby
Ok.. Casey James, 27 from Ft Worth, TX
I can't make fun of him
First of all, he's a Texan
Secondly, he's just so PRETTY
I think he sangs real good
did I mention that he is just so pretty?

Are those acid wash jeans?
Are they making a come back?
Please say it ain't so!
a girl mohawk?
again, another look from the 80's that doesn't need to come back
I know.. I lived it
Siobhan reminds me of Ally Sheedy on Breakfast Club

I didn't mention Didi Benami (she's pretty good even though the judges didn't like her take on Linda Ronstadt's "You're No Good", I thought it was ok'
nor did I mention Katie Stevens..
she was ok too - she sang Fergi's "Big Girl Now"

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Anonymous said...

Great re-cap Sandi........now let's see what happens !

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