Sunday, April 18, 2010

Let's Go Ride A Bike

A couple of weeks ago, I posted this
that sold out @ Target.

I really, really, really


want a bike

I was looking through the May issue of Elle Magazine
and I came across this company, Adeline Adeline

Click here to see the bike I like and here to see the cutest basket ever

I've gone from wanting a $200 bike to a $950 bike...
from wanting a $40 basket to a $325 picnic basket

A friend assures me that all I need to do
here locally
I will find my dream bike

once I get my dream bike..

now to pick out the proper helmet

aren't these fun?
of course, once again,  my taste isn't cheap
it's $145 US dollars..
I can only imagine the shipping costs from the UK


Anonymous said...

Hi Sandi.....there's a program called ' Millionaire Matchmaker ' that I sometimes watch.....on Bravo TV. I'm beginning to think....we need to get you on the you maybe can meet one of these millionaires......marry you can actually afford to live in the style to which it sounds like you would like to live ! Nahh........I'll can do it yourself if need be. Keep hunting those treasures !.......luv.....Norm

Mayet said...

hi! those bikes looks like my old one :-) which I lent to a friend when I was pregnant.
I like the basket and of course those helmets!how stylish.

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