Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Jimmy's Food Store

I took this picture on my last visit to Jimmy's.

Jimmy's is awesome
It is a family owned italian meat market
off Fitzhugh & Bryan Street

They have the best italian sausage
I use it in all my italian dishes
(spaghetti, lasagna, baked penne pasta, baked manicotti, etc)

They also have the best pepperoni
I get it thinly sliced

Perfect for my Pepperoni Lasagna
 that I served on Mother's Day

They also carry italian wine and serve great sandwiches

I recommend the caprese panino or the cuban sandwich!


Eloise said...

I love Jimmy's! I discovered it on a culinary tour of Dallas a couple of years ago. What an urban treasure.

I found your blog through Bossy! Am enjoying your recipes. I also love to cook.

Ruthie said...

So funny!

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