Trader Joe's Pear Tart

Pear tart from Traders Joe's
Trader Joe's Pear Tart

If you have been following me
for any period of time,

you know how much
 I Trader Joe's

I believe I've mentioned them
about 8 times through the history
of this blog circa 2008

The most exciting post is when my friends and I
drove 1200 round trip
from Texas to Missouri
just to shop @ Trader Joes 

They are finally in Texas

Right now, the closest one to me
 is in Ft Worth - about a 40 minute drive
  I try to go at least once a month. 
I have yet to try anything that I haven't liked,
so I'm going to start posting 
some of my favorite things.

Today, we have the Pear Tart
While I was shopping in the freezer section,
a Trader Joe's employee pointed this out to me.
She said that she had heard it was amazing,
especially with cinnamon sprinkled on top.

I served it on Saturday night to my girlfriends. 

It was so good
with cinnamon on top 


Anonymous said…
It sure looks good Sandi......I'm sure you all had a rip roaring good time. Be sure and let us know of other great finds at Trader Joes !...........Love ya......Norma
Anonymous said…
I have already started my Trader Joe's list for when they open in San Antonio in October and the Pear Tart is No. 1 on my list, followed by their wines!

Anonymous said…
have just tried it : FANTASTIC !


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