Monday, September 9, 2013

DIY - Canvas Art Part 2

I have 2 nieces! 

One turned 9 back in July 
She came to stay with me
 we had fun with paint
(This is all inspired by Pinterest

Well, my other niece is turning 11 next week
so she came to stay with me this weekend

We went to Hobby Lobby
She picked out the size canvas she liked
(I love the 2 pack)

Abby's Musical Painting

Abby's Stained Glass

Aunt Sandi's "breathe" with pearls

Aunt Sandi's "ode to Kate Spade"


Anonymous said...

Looks like there are Artists in the Graham family!

J. Brooklynn

Anonymous said...

Abby shows some REAL talent .....but.....I particularly like the stained glass painting. She has a real flair for composition and color. Thanks for posting them for us to see

Anonymous said...
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