Monday, September 23, 2013

Test Kitchen - Cooking with Local Dallas Beers

Woke up Sunday morning with that slight chill in the air that represents Fall
I've been over the heat and humidity now since August
So much so that I put out my Halloween decorations Labor Day weekend
in hopes of nudging that cool air along

That chill in the air makes me want to cook soups, stews and chili's
I hesitated thinking that maybe it's not quite that cool yet
but remember we're doing all we can to nudge that cool air in 

Beer Chili sounded really good to me!

craft beers and local breweries are all the rage right now

(All who know me  KNOW I'm more of a wine girl with little interest in the better beers)
Lately, I've gotten adventurous and starting trying out different beers
(other than miller lite or michelob ultra)

My new favorite is Blood and Honey by Revolver.

Temptress Beer Chili - Punkel Pumpkin Cake - Blood & Honey Jalapeno Cheese Muffins

So, I actually did a little research

I knew I wanted to make
chili, jalapeno muffins and a pumpkin cake

I needed to determine what type of beers would go best in each
and then...
find the local beer that would be perfect

One of my favorite sites right now is

She not only provides the "411" on all things beer
but uses beer in very interesting ways in recipes

I learned quickly that I've been using the wrong beer in my chili
miller lite just won't do

It's needs to be STOUT
Boy, is the Lakewood Brewing Co's Temptress
the BEST beer for chili

I made the chili from scratch. I will provide the recipe in a post later in the week

I love jalapeno corn bread with cheese

I was at Sissy's Southern Kitchen for dinner a couple of weeks ago
The jalapeno cornbread muffins were amazing
They were crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside

I tried my own version using Revolver's Blood & Honey
I admit that I cheated and used a box mix
I cooked them in melted butter so they were crunchy and fluffy like Sissy's
 they came out very sweet
next time I will make them from scratch
I have all Fall/Winter to perfect them

Blood & Honey Jalapeno Cheese Muffins

The pumpkin cake is also from a box
Pillsbury  has been making seasonal cake mixes lately

I cannot help it, I see something new in the store, I have to try it once

This is a perfect test kitchen tool
I wasn't sure which pumpkin ale I was going to try
Decided to go with Lakewood Brewing Co's Punkel
as I already had them on my list for the chili

I substituted the 1 cup of water with the beer
I also tried something I had read on The Beeroness site
cooking the beer down to an extract

I poured the rest of the bottle of Punkel into a pan
I let it boil down into a syrup

I mixed 2 cups powdered sugar to about 1/2 cup of milk
then added the beer extract
I'm not going to lie
It was VERY strong.. but the sweetness of the icing calmed it down

Punkel Pumpkin Cake

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Anonymous said...

Great Post! Think I will try Lakewood Brewing Co's Beer in my Mexican Cornbread next time.

Looking forward to your Beer Chili recipe.

Janae Brooklynn

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