Sunday, July 23, 2017

Blackened Shrimp

Blackened Shrimp

At Central Market yesterday, I was given a sample plate with steak, shrimp, and a salad. The shrimp had the below spice rub on it. Of course, I bought the shrimp, the seasoning and the salad dressing. I past on the steak. I had to show some restraint!

Citrus Dill Salmon Rub

Marston's SAN PASQUAL Salad Dressing

NOTE: These are not used in this recipe - just added them to show my consumer decisions!
Plus, this dressing is so delish and meets my requirements of 10g or under for fat and sugar. I just had to share it. 

I decided today that I'd save the seasoning for something else (like maybe salmon) and test kitchen with the blackened chicken recipe I tried a back in February.

Boy, did it turn out amazing. Sometimes this girl can cook. REAL GOOD!  

  • 1 tbsp avocado oil (or olive oil)
  • 2 tbsps butter
  • 1 tbsp chili powder
  • 1 tbsp paprika 
  • 1 tbsp cumin
  • 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper
  • 1 tsp light brown sugar
  • 1 tsp ground pepper
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1 lb shrimp (shelled, deveined, cut into bit size pieces)
  • In a small bowl, combine chili powder, paprika, cumin, cayenne pepper, brown sugar, pepper, and salt.
  • Put in a large resealable bag along with the shrimp bites.  Shake to coat.
  • In a large saute pan, heat avocado oil & butter over medium heat.  Saute the shrimp 2-3 minutes or until done. 
  • Serve with pasta, salad, or tacos.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Cashew Chicken

Cashew Chicken

  • 2 cups shredded chicken
  • 2 tbsp avocado oil
  • 1 yellow squash, cubed
  • 1 zucchini, cubed
  • 1 cup mushrooms, chopped
  • 1 tsp ground ginger
  • 1 tbsp rice wine vinegar
  • 2 tbsp low sodium soy sauce
  • 1 tbsp chili garlic sauce
  • 1 tbsp minced garlic
  • 1 tbsp toasted sesame oil
  • 3 green onions, chopped
  • 1 shallot, chopped
  • Toast the cashews in a non stick  pan over low heat for 8 minutes. Remove from pan.
  • Turn the heat up to high, add the avocado oil.  Add zucchini, squash, mushrooms, and onions.
  • Add the ginger and chili garlic sauce.  
  • Once they have cooked down, about 5 minutes, add the garlic.  Cook 1 minute.
  • Add the soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, toasted sesame oil, cashews and chicken.
  • Cook until liquid evaporates. 
NOTE: Using cubed chicken and cooking it first is better than the shredded rotisserie. Also, you can use any vegetables that you may have available. I just happened to have zucchini, squash and mushrooms.  Bell peppers or broccoli would be great, too. 

Friday, April 7, 2017

Pillow Talk

This pillow makes me smile! 
I got it at Walmart in a $5 bin
Best purchase ever!
(I actually bought 2)

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

All About the Bundt!

Apricot Lemon Cake with glaze

When I saw this new bundt pan, I knew it must be MINE! I ordered it immediately from Williams Sonoma. 

If you've followed this blog for a while, you know about my love of a good bundt.  Just click on Search on the top right hand corner, type in bundt.  You'll see all my fun posts on the topic of the bundt! 

One of the most requested cakes that I make is my Apricot Lemon Cake.  I got this recipe from my friend, Connie, YEARS ago.   I knew it would look amazing in this new pan. 

Nordic Ware Heritage Pan

Apricot Lemon Cake before glaze
Apricot-Lemon Cake Recipe
1 lemon cake mix
1 cup apricot nectar
1/2 cup sugar
3/4 cup oil
4 eggs

1 1/2 cup powdered sugar
1 lemon

Beat ingredients in a bowl for 4 minutes.
Bake at 350 degrees for 40 minutes or until toothpick comes out clean.
Let cool.
Mix powdered sugar and lemon together

Pour over cooled cake

Stay tuned as this isn't the only bundt pan that has been released this year.  
Let's just say, "I like big BUNDTS, and I cannot lie" 

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Blackened Chicken

Blackened Chicken

Blackened Chicken Taco

I'm always looking for a quick and easy recipe that I can stretch into several meals.  This blackened chicken recipe happens to be a very good one.  I used a pound of chicken tenders. It made quite a lot.  I used them to make street tacos - see above as well as put them in a salad.   It's awesome with pasta as well.

  • 1 tbsp chili powder
  • 1 tbsp paprika 
  • 1 tbsp cumin
  • 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper
  • 1 tsp light brown sugar
  • 1 tsp ground pepper
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1 lb skinless chicken tenders 
  • 1 tbsp avocado oil (or olive oil)
  • 1 5oz can evaporated milk
  • In a small bowl, combine chili powder, paprika, cumin, cayenne pepper, brown sugar, pepper, and salt.
  • Put in a large resealable bag along with the chicken tenders.  Shake to coat.
  • In a large nonstick pan, heat avocado oil over medium heat.  Saute the chicken 5-7 minutes or until done.  Remove the chicken from the pan.
  • In the same pan, add evaporated milk scraping the bits from the bottom of the pan. Cook one minute or until bubbly.  Pour over chicken. 

Friday, February 10, 2017

Italian Soiree

Italian Table

Italcho Chips (Fried wonton wrappers with italian herbs & parmesan cheese)

Caprese Bites with Balsamic Reduction

Italcho Bar

Make Your Own Italcho

Shrimp Pasta

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Cheeseburger Soup

Cheeseburger Soup
1 lb lean ground beef
1 white onion, finely chopped
1 garlic cloves, minced
1 32oz low sodium beef broth
1 15oz can petite diced tomatoes
1 cup half n half
3 TBSP flour
1 tsp worcestershire sauce
2 TBSP yellow mustard
8 oz block sharp cheddar, grated
splash, dill pickle juice (optional)

1. Brown beef and onions, drain grease, put mixture back in pan (salt/pepper ground beef while browning)
2. Add garlic, cook 1 minute or until fragrant
3. In a small bowl, whisk the flour and half/half together
4. Pour mixture into the pan with ground beef/onion.  Bring to a boil, then simmer. 
5. Add broth, diced tomatoes, mustard and pickle juice. 
6. Bring to boil, then simmer about 20 minutes.  
7. Add cheese, cook another 10/20 minutes on low.
8. Salt/pepper to taste

Spicy Sausage Balls

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