Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The "Real Story"

It started out as a hot Texas day. Just a couple of us girls walking over to the company cafeteria to get the daily special - "Baked Potato". It's one of the best cafeteria offerings. We were almost giddy with excitement. You might even say some of us were "skipping" in excitement and anticipation. We get there. The line is short. There is sausage today. Yay. (They didn't have it last time, and it created a boycott amongst some - that was not a pretty day). We all have our food, To Go, of course (we are diligent employees who love to work and eat at our desks). We are waiting for the last person (no names mentioned) to get her tea and salad dressing for her mini salad. As we're waiting, a VIP walks by, and "Tater Hater" lifts up her arm to wave, and knocks my baked potato out of my hand. It falls to the ground in slow motion as we watch in horror the impact to the ground.

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