Saturday, October 10, 2015

Halloween Decor 2015

I added to my decor this year with thrift store finds from Urban Thrift here in Dallas as well Dollar Tree.  I promise I was not paid by Dollar Tree ! Ha 

My theme this year is skeletons & skulls! Dollar Tree has them in abundance, and I painted them in metallics- silver and gold. 

I bought this glass with the witches hand several years ago! It reminds me of Wicked. The pedestal it is on came from a thrift store. I painted it black. Eyeballs are new from Dollar Tree. 

This is a small portable fireplace! The sign came from Dollar Tree -several years ago.  My friend, Misty, gave me the black glitter pumpkins. The white and silver pumpkins were from a thrift store that my nieces painted for me. 

I have had this darling sign for years! 

These are little house that my nieces painted black. Found these at the same thrift store as the other items above. 

Drunk skeleton! This guy started out beige until I metallicized him. 

Dollar Tree again! I bought these for a little party this Saturday! 

Candy corn lights

Retro bathroom hand towel from Target! 

Front porch decor. Witch and pillow from Urban Thrift in Dallas. 
Painting our thrift store finds. Looks very scary at night while they were drying! 

Cute pillow I got a couple years ago! Do not remember where. Probably TJ Maxx

Got these last year from Urban Thrift 

This picture came off the cover of Oluve and Cocoa catalog last year! 

Skull measuring cups from World Market last year. Love the "Drink Up Witches" napkins 

Skull measuring spoons that I bought at World Market last year with the above cups. 

 Skull Dish towels mix in with my Parisian theme 

Love these little plates. I got them at TJ Maxx years ago
I got this at Dollar Tree several years ago.

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