Monday, July 25, 2016

Patio Update

I have not been blogging very much in the past 2 years, but I am going to do better. 
I actually updated my blog a bit so it's not so 2008 (back when I started the thing)

I am going to keep it simple today.  I'm so excited about my latest patio purchases. 
It's hella hot here in Texas, so I decided that my patio needed...

New Umbrella during the day

...this lovely black square umbrella ella ella 
from At Home

New Umbrella @ night

...and also...

Stainless Steel Cooler from Wayfair

...this awesome cooler on WHEELS 
I got it because it's so hot here 
that it I can even use it INSIDE the house.. 

This lovely cooler comes with a story.
It was supposed to arrive on Thursday just in time for me to put it together for my happy hour on Friday. 
Welp... it didn't come on Thursday. I was assured it would arrive on Friday.
I was encouraged when I saw that it was updated on the UPS site to arrive on Friday.

I am not going to lie.. I spent the afternoon stalking the front porch waiting for this cooler even though I had set it up to text me when it was delivered. 

AT 5:00pm, I get the text that it was here.  I ran to the front porch, NO COOLER.
In the meantime, I had set up by cold drinks in this fashion knowing that I was not going to have time to transport the cold beer and ice to the new cooler on wheels. 

Back to the story, I immediately called UPS stating that while I just received notification that my cooler had arrived, that it had INDEED NOT arrived, and I was having a party..yadda yadda 

They contacted the driver. Apparently, he got too busy and another driver took some of his load. Still not really sure why they marked it delivered, but I did receive it within 20 minutes. 

Seemed a little sketch to me.. but it's home and ready for the next party!
Beer in a Tub

Cooler Park

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