Saturday, July 18, 2009

Dad's Pond

Ryan was fishing in "Grandpa's pond". I thought this picture turned out great. I guess I should have gotten one of him too, my bad !

Thursday, July 16, 2009

One Year "simplysandiblog" Anniversary

I became a "blogger" exactly one year ago today. Wow! Life is so random, and I've loved capturing it one "blog" at a time. Blogging isn't easy. If you build a "fan base" aka "follower", then you have to keep up with it because people get disappointed when they check out your blog, and it hasn't been updated. Oh my gah, the pressure!

My friend, Jen and I came up with the word "blugging" which is blogging when you're blue.. and who wants to read that.. so I made a decision that my blog wouldn't be a diatribe of my opinions and beliefs but brief, caustic and funny. Personally, my attention span is limited to articles that are one page or less, so it's always been my intent for the most part to keep my blogs very short and to the point... unlike now when I feel the need to ramble and reflect on my first year of blogging. So bare with me.

Until a year ago, blogging was for other people.. and I didn't even read blogs. Now, I am an "official" blog stalker. Finding awesome blogs is so fun. There are so many, it's hard to keep up. I have to admit that I "stolen" ideas from many blogs. Right now, my blog is "back to the basics". I want to explore a different layout and add cool gadgets. So, I promise a year from now it'll be really cool. So Please KEEP READING! Please BE A FOLLOWER! Please add your COMMENTS. I love comments. Except when they are spam ads - then that is just aggravating.

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