Saturday, September 27, 2008

Alert!!! Pink Scooter Girl

It was reported to me early this morning by a source (who shall remain nameless at this time due to the fact that is just sounds dramatic) that Pink Scooter Girl a.k.a. Pink Power Ranger was spotted "scootering" around the Plano area. Now, this brings to question, could this be "my" scooter girl who was sighted by me on Hwy 80 around the Mesquite /Sunnyvale area? Plano may be a little far for it to be "her", but according to my source, she has blonde hair, pink scooter, and pink helmet. My source said she was coming towards her so she was unable to see if there was a Disney decal on the back of the helmet which would prove undeniably that this is indeed "my" pink scooter girl.

So, has Pink Scooter girl moved? Or is there now a Pink Scooter Girl Club? Are we soon to be surrounded by Pink Scooter girls across the metroplex? Be on alert my friends!!! Pink Scooter girl could be coming soon to your area!!! (Especially since my "source" thinks the pink scooter is sooo cute that she may have to go get her own)

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