Wine Tasting 101

On Saturday afternoon, I did my first wine promotion at Market Street grocery store in McKinney.

(Click link below on more information on the store)

Basically, they had a table set up in the wine section where I stood and offered people samples of wine. " Ma'am/Sir, would you like to sample some wine today? " I caught myself sounding like a broken record after a while. I only had to card 2 girls - who were 25 and felt honored. I remember those days. The wine that was being promoted was Casillero del Diablo from the Concha y Toro Winery. Casillero Del Diabl0 means "Cellar of the Devil" - just perfect for Halloween. There were 3 choices to sample - Cabernet Sauvignon (dry but fruity with a hint of cherries) , Chardonnay (dry with pineapple, citrus and vanilla aromas, and Carmenere (dry with black current and chocolate aromas with a hint flavor of spice to the taste). This is a Chilean wine that was on sale for 9.99. (Yes, I said all of that stuff)

(Click on link below to learn more about the wine)


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