I them!

Anytime I see something with a heart on it, I have to have it.
This is a picture of all things that I have collected over the years.

To be honest, I do not think this is EVERYTHING I own ♥.

As a matter of fact, it isn't..
Check these out!

The fluted pan is from Pampered Chef. I have never used this one.

The pan with the small 's has been used numerous times.
I make white chocolate candys with nuts and toffee chips.

The bottom pan with the "ruffled " hasn't been used in along time.
The last thing I remember making is "Champagne & Blueberry Jelly" molds for a brunch many years ago.
I found the recipe, so I will make them and take a picture this time.

Bet you can't guess what my favorite holiday is...

Actually, I see shape cooking with all these pans in the very near future.
Stay tuned...


Love the title of your blog! What do you make with the tall heart pan? Like a bread loaf or something?
Jennifer said…
So... I need some heart shaped tea cakes for my daughters Valentine's party. Can you help me out with that. Thanks.

Stopping by from SITS.
simplysandi said…
With the Tall Heart tube - you can use Pillsbury French bread loaf to make bread. I will do it this week, and post it.
simplysandi said…
Gosh, Jennifer - it's been along time since I've used this pan. I did make small cakes, and I think I used a recipe for Petit Fours (mini cakes). Let me see what I can find to experiment with. Thank you for stopping by.
艾維兒 said…
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