Thursday, February 11, 2010

First Monday, Canton TX

This place ROCKS!
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I really can't explain it
It's like a flea market
but really
so much more!
The very first time I went was back in 2000 with my stepmom and stepsisters.
I got these brunch plates and cups.
6 of each.
The plate has a place for the cup to rest.
I totally love these.
I think I got them for like $15.00 -
but wait, there's a story -
isn't there always a story?

 Rule # 1
Be careful when you go with large groups of people.

I paid for them, and I totally FORGOT them.
There were so many people to keep up with and so much to see that I didn't realize until we got home and were putting all of our stuff out to display for each other - that I didn't have my most prized purchase of the day.
Thank goodness we only live 20 miles from Canton - I went back the next morning, and can you believe they still had them - all wrapped up and waiting for me.
That could have easily tainted Canton in my mind forever.

Rule #2
Dress comfortably - where layers &  tennis shoes.
(But do not wear matching t-shirts as seen here.. that is just too silly, ladies! )

Rule #3
Do not forget the cart!

 We typically go to Canton at least 2 to 3 times a year.
A couple of us decided to invest in this cart.
I get to keep it because I live the closest.
I let another friend borrow it recently, and she brought it back with the liner and the cup holder.
Can't wait for Spring!
Who's in?

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Ruthie said...

Oh, Yes, I AM IN! Let me know when you wanna go next :)

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