Valentine Candy Heart Massacre

Pink Vanilla Candy Melts

Ghirardelli White Chocolate
is supposed to
cute pink/white swirl candy hearts
with candy sprinkles or toffee chips

I forgot to use PAM cooking spray


broken pink/white hearts


They still look yummy :-) Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful Valentine's Day! Hugs, Lia
♥ Katinka said…
Stopping by from SITS :) Happy Saturday!!!
Ah, shoot. Looks like something I'd do. But they'll still taste wonderful.
Thanks for stopping by today.
Oh my goodness, I totally feel ya! I've had my share of disasters! But hey...if it's chocolate, all is not lost. I'm sure they'll taste just as yummy!

Love the name of your blog by the way. Stopping by from SITS. =)
Amanda said…
Stopping by from SITS! Those still look yummy, although the broken heart part is a little sad panda. It reminds me of when my MOm would make fudge at Christmas and sometimes it would not set up correctly -- in that case, it was "spoon fudge" :)
Jennie said…
You are officially a Heart Breaker! lol. They still sound wonderful. Happy Belated Valentine's Day!

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