Thursday, May 27, 2010

My New View

This has been a very boring week
Not much to blog about
I did move to a new cube @ work
Here's my new view


Anonymous said...

Nice view, I'd say. Congrats on your move.It's a shame.....but, boring weeks way out of it. Maybe next week will hold more.......excitement ! Here's ya......Norm

Deb said...

At least it's a window cube! Just found your blog this week. I live in Ft. Worth but I worked in Las Colinas for almost 20 years. Sometimes with a window and sometimes without. I know the boredom of sitting inside on a beautiful day all to well. Hang in there.

Wendy Flatt said...

I will wave my little hand out my 10th floor window at Chase Tower and you will see! I'm about even with the Rotunda!

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