Saturday, May 8, 2010

White Rock Local Market

The weather was perfect today for checking out

This one is located in East Dallas
Off Buckner @ the Green Spot
(on the corner of Northcliff)
This is in the parking lot of one of my favorite italian restaurant's, Alfonso's

Check out this band-
not sure of their name,
but they were like 12 years old

Ryan's 1st time @ a farmers market
(isn't he a such a poser?)

There were bikes for sale
One of Ryan's friends bought one

Yes, that is a man dressed up like a bee
He was selling honey of course
Not sure what the girl with the pink hair was selling
(wait, is that a naked mannequin bust? did not know I was taking a picture of that)

I think hair accessories...

Here's what I got

25 roses for $20
$5 for 10 tulips

bottle of white wine "three white chicks" from Brennan's Vineyard

a loaf of pretzel bread (yum-o)
kalamato olive bread
loaf of wheat bread

and oh yeah

I got this cheese

...and speaking of cheese...

Ryan on a girly bike

Don'tcha just love him?

All my purchases will be served at tomorrow's Mother's Day Italian Lunch!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What a great day you had ! Your Ryan is the cutest ham ever ! Happy Mothers Day Sandi ! You sure did a terrific job with him ! .........luv ya......Norma

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