Thursday, September 2, 2010

Oh Oh Oh - It's Magic!

Do you drink cheap red wine?

If so, do you have this magic decanter?
It like decants as you pour wine into your glass

Perfect for a confessed cheap wine drinker like me

You know, I've seen them around for a while
but resisted the urge to buy one
They are about $40 dollars
c'mon y'all
that's cutting into my wine spending money

after my last visit to World Market
(the best place to buy inexpensive wines with great names)

I was convinced I needed one

Although, I didn't get it there even though they do sell them
 (sorry, World Market)

I bought mine on Amazon for 19.75
I received it today


citymouse said...

Awesome! I am going to check it out on Amazon later this morning (once I get to work...hahaha). I love wine but hate to spend a lot of money for wine to drink on the day-to-day. Sounds like it's what I need.

(Oh and I loved the random music reference in your post title.)

Stopping by from SITS.

Melissa aka Equidae said...

no decanters so far but I do love buying stuff for the house. passed by from SITS

Janae Brooklynn said...

Thanks for the reminder, mine broke in our move. A woman told me about her daughter giving a Wine Party and had wines ranging from $10-$20, plus Trader Joe's $2 wine that she poured through a Wine Aerator -- they chose the $2 wine as their favorite. I got one and had my own test with a couple of friends and yes, it really does make a difference!

Wendy Flatt said...

Can't wait to try it -- I love Janae's idea of a tasting party. Hmmm...sounds like a fantastic way to spend a fall Saturday night!!

Wendy Flatt said...

p.s. Now that d*mn song is stuck in my head. THANKS!!!!!! [groan]

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