Saturday, May 8, 2010

White Rock Local Market

The weather was perfect today for checking out

This one is located in East Dallas
Off Buckner @ the Green Spot
(on the corner of Northcliff)
This is in the parking lot of one of my favorite italian restaurant's, Alfonso's

Check out this band-
not sure of their name,
but they were like 12 years old

Ryan's 1st time @ a farmers market
(isn't he a such a poser?)

There were bikes for sale
One of Ryan's friends bought one

Yes, that is a man dressed up like a bee
He was selling honey of course
Not sure what the girl with the pink hair was selling
(wait, is that a naked mannequin bust? did not know I was taking a picture of that)

I think hair accessories...

Here's what I got

25 roses for $20
$5 for 10 tulips

bottle of white wine "three white chicks" from Brennan's Vineyard

a loaf of pretzel bread (yum-o)
kalamato olive bread
loaf of wheat bread

and oh yeah

I got this cheese

...and speaking of cheese...

Ryan on a girly bike

Don'tcha just love him?

All my purchases will be served at tomorrow's Mother's Day Italian Lunch!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Ryan's Mexican Chicken

This is one of the first dishes I learned to make.
It has become my son's favorite
So much so that he learned to make it while he was away at college
Being the awesome guy that he is
He offered to make it last night

(notice he only put jalapenos on his side thinking it was too hot for me)

Mexican Chicken

4 cups cooked chicken (shredded)
1 can chunky rotel tomatoes
1 cup chicken broth
8 oz sour cream
1 can cream of chicken soup
3 cups cheddar cheese (grated)
yellow corn tostada chips
Optional: sliced jalapenos or salsa


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Place chips on the bottom of 13X9 pan (enough to cover)

Mix chicken, tomatoes, sour cream, broth & soup together

Mix in a cup of cheese

Pour over the chips

Top with remaining cheese

You can also add jalapenos or salsa on top

Cook for about 25 minutes

Let set for 10 minutes before serving

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ancient Ovens - Saint Jo, Texas

Our 3rd stop on our Girls Gotta GetAway Road Trip

Spinach Dip & Bread
Italian Teardrops
(wonton wrappers with cream cheese and olives)
More Pizza

Chocolate Hazelnut Calzone
The famous woodburning stove

all this for only $20

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Brief Intermission

After we left Arche Winery
We had time to kill before our 6:30 reservation
So we decided to go north on 677
just to see where it would take us
and lookey here
within 10 minutes
we ended up in Oklahoma

Believe it or not, we made it back right on time for our dinner reservation

Arche Winery - Saint Jo, Texas

Our 2nd Stop on our Girls Gotta GetAway Road Trip

Teeny tiny grapes

The tasting room was small & quaint
They had 2 red wines for us to taste
2009 Nouveau Montague
2008 Ryan's Red
Montague County Syrah
It was recommended that we take the Nouveau Montague with us
to dinner @ Ancient Ovens
I bought 2 of each because that's how I roll...
Not only was there wine..
 but gorgeous roses too

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Texas Kings Hotel - Saint Jo, Texas

Our 1st stop on our Girls Gotta GetAway Road Trip

Texas Kings Hotel

So, apparently, Saint Jo is very quiet on Saturdays
We drove past the hotel because it looked deserted
almost like a ghost town
but boy
can looks be deceiving
it is totally darling inside
My pictures do not do it justice

 love the Christmas tree in the lobby
which isn't a real lobby
it's just for looks

 Ok, I know this is an antique and all
but it really creeps me out
Saint Jo is in Montague County
It's about 1 and 1/2 hours from Dallas
Between Gainesville and Wichita Falls
These stairs led us to our room. 

We stayed in the Bunkhouse room
It had a very rustic American Eagle feel to it
We loved it

Our room had 2 of these beds
(our version of roughin' it)
Here is the self serve saloon
behind the beautiful built-ins were a frig, microwave and an oven
Very cool
Flat Screen TV & Pool Table

We met 2 couples staying there

We were all going to the same places

Tune in tomorrow
for Stop 2
of our road trip

Arche Winery

Monday, May 3, 2010

Pink Champagne Cupcakes

These were perfect for our Girls Gotta GetAway weekend!

Click here for the recipe


They were super moist and delicious!

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