Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Corn Chowder with Jalapeno Cheese Beer Mini-Muffins

It's a snow day here in Dallas
In anticipation last night, I made this
corn chowder
I got this recipe
from anniebakes blog
(remember a couple of weeks ago
when I made her awesome bruschetta dip?)

Here is the yummy goodness up close!

I followed the recipe exactly
with the exception
of adding
black & cayenne pepper
for seasoning

These mini-muffins went perfectly with the chowder 
Jalapeno Cheese Beer Mini-Muffins

I used this recipe

Instead of using a loaf pan, I used a mini-muffin pan
buttered the bottom of each cup
and then
topped off each muffin with more butter
Paula Deen step back

These were just delicious

1 comment:

anniebakes said...

That looks awesome!! Thanks for the shout out anne

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