Friday, March 4, 2011

Meeker "Handprint" Merlot

Isn't this a fabulous looking bottle of wine?

I have posted previously about
I sometimes
choose wines because
of their catchy names

Well, I have another

I also sometimes choose wines
with cool designs on the bottle!

I didn't buy this one
(but I sure would have if I had seen it first)

It was a hostess gift from my friends,
Ross & Laurie

We have no idea how it tastes yet

We may never know
The bottle is too dang pretty to open


Anonymous said...

I had to buy myself a bottle too!! There were only 2 bottles left in the store. Laurie

Rosie said...

It is pretty! Next, time buy two bottles! I'm a former Wine Ambassador at the Disneyland Resort and LOVED my job!

Shelly Gregory said...

Wow, I do the same thing! I love catchy names and cool labels! Let us know how it tastes!

Anonymous said...

How whimsical! Love the bottle and must try it.

janae brooklynn

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