Duff Zebra Cake

I know that lately, I'm all

...but what can I say

it's very inspiring

which led me to my
latest test kitchen adventure

I've seen several pictures of zebra cakes
so when I was at Target last week
I saw this from Duff

I knew it was meant for me to make a zebra cake - STAT! 

Then I thought, " Hmm.. how do I make mine
stand out
amongst the others on Pinterest?"

Then it came to me...
Of course, PINK
instead of white
 is afterall
my FAVORITE color

At first, I wasn't quite sure what I was doing.
Basically, you have your pink cake
your chocolate cake

Using a 1/4 measuring cup,
start in the middle of a greased 9 in pan
(I used 2 - 9 in pans)
alternate between pink and chocolate
Pouring in in the middle everytime
I was too cautious at first,
and towards the end I realized
that I needed to fill the
measuring cup pretty full

Anyway, it still looks cool..
very zebra-ish

I made a traditional buttercream frosting

This pink frosting is very 1980's

I think I might try it again with chocolate frosting
for a more toned down version

..but c'mon
this is pretty fun and amazing

Stay tuned ...

there will definitely be more
zebra cake test kitchen activities


Lydia said…
I would never fault you for being Pinterest happy- I'm pretty Pinterest obsessed myself lately! Love your version of this zebra cake it's awesome. Very cool.
Anonymous said…
Zebra Cake looks exotic -- going to make it for Valentine's with the choco icing as you suggested.

Also thanks Sandi for introducing me to Pinterest. It is one of my favorite websites!


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