Friday, February 17, 2012

The Netherlands

Last week, my company sent me on a business trip to Amsterdam.  I only got to take a few pictures with my iPhone, and they didn't really come out very well.. but here we go!
They are pretty random!

It snowed before we got there.  Thankfully, it didn't snow while we were there.
It was just very cold.  Highs in the 20's.
This picture was taken in the train going from Amsterdam to The Hague

 Another picture from the train - on our way to The Hague

This is our view from the car on the way to work on Friday morning
We were amazed at all the people on bicycles
Here's a perfect example - the entire family on bikes for the morning commute

The train

We ate at a pasta bar in Amsterdam
Do you want some "shrimps" with your penne?

Pink Bike....
are words really necessary here?

This is one of the canals in Amsterdam
I took many pictures, but it was dark and cold
This one is fun because the flash highlighted the tires of the bikes

Cheese store at Schiphol Airport

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful and exciting trip Sandi ! I'm so glad you took some pictures to show us . Glad you're happy ! Good to be back home ? ..........LY.....Norma

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