Christmas Tree

This year, I wanted to get a white christmas tree, but decided to wait until next year.
I already have a 6 1/2 ft artificial tree that I've had for about 8 years now
My Christmas decorations match the decor in my house
- whimsy traditional -
purples & golds
with a splash
of shimmer & silver

investing in a white tree means investing in all new decor
This year I decided to jazz up this tree
since all my lights from last year were on the blink.. .(hee hee )
I strung the pearl lights & the C7 lights
in the center of the tree...
I framed the outside of the tree with the
mini clear "twinkling" lights 

It's like I have a party in my house..
it's very bright & festive!!!

Christmas Tree 2012

White Pearl Lights

C7 Lights
Clear Mini Lights - Twinkling


Anonymous said…
The tree's just lovely Sandi.......cheery and very festive ! I also like the effect of clear.....white....lights ! Thanks for sharing exactly what kind of lights are contributing to this wonderful effect ! Merry Christmas !

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