Monday, October 17, 2016

Grantham Style

I got to spend Saturday with my favorite couple, Misty Barnes and Spencer Grantham, aka the Barntham's.  I mentioned that I had several autumn cocktails that I need to "test kitchen".  There is something about the word's TEST KITCHEN that make people want to be included.  So, it was decided, they'd (Spencer) would cook dinner, and we'd try out autumn cocktails.

First up... Spiced Apple Cider Mimosa
Spiced Apple Cider Mimosa

This tastes like fall in your mouth!
Pour the cider in the glass first, then sparkling wine (I used a brut), then top it off with club soda
It was a little sweet for me, but totally recommend it for Thanksgiving!

Next up, Spiced Apple Cider Sangria aka Autumn Sangria

Autumn Sangria
 This is better than the mimosa
 I used pinot grigio, brandy, maple syrup,
 Trader Joe's spiced apple cider, cinnamon sticks and fresh apples
I plan on making it again for my Friday night Happy Hour
I think I will leave out the maple syrup

Drinks out of the way
Here is the amazing dinner
thanks to Spencer
Recipes will follow 
but here is the preview

Mini Wedge with Gorgonzola
This was the most amazing salad
I love these little "gems" salad wedges
They bought them at Market Street

I even went on Sunday and bought my own 
along with the gorgonzola cheese

The dressing is tomato paste mixed with dijon mustard and balsamic vinegar

Now here's dinner...
Pork Tenderloin & Roasted Veggies

So, check out the blueberries on top of a dollop of mustard
When Spencer put the plates in front of us & left the room
Misty whispered "You don't have to eat that"
Spencer returned and explained
that this is the "sauce" for the pork
It made perfect sense
it was perfectly delish
it actually could have used a little more

Monday, July 25, 2016

Patio Update

I have not been blogging very much in the past 2 years, but I am going to do better. 
I actually updated my blog a bit so it's not so 2008 (back when I started the thing)

I am going to keep it simple today.  I'm so excited about my latest patio purchases. 
It's hella hot here in Texas, so I decided that my patio needed...

New Umbrella during the day

...this lovely black square umbrella ella ella 
from At Home

New Umbrella @ night

...and also...

Stainless Steel Cooler from Wayfair

...this awesome cooler on WHEELS 
I got it because it's so hot here 
that it I can even use it INSIDE the house.. 

This lovely cooler comes with a story.
It was supposed to arrive on Thursday just in time for me to put it together for my happy hour on Friday. 
Welp... it didn't come on Thursday. I was assured it would arrive on Friday.
I was encouraged when I saw that it was updated on the UPS site to arrive on Friday.

I am not going to lie.. I spent the afternoon stalking the front porch waiting for this cooler even though I had set it up to text me when it was delivered. 

AT 5:00pm, I get the text that it was here.  I ran to the front porch, NO COOLER.
In the meantime, I had set up by cold drinks in this fashion knowing that I was not going to have time to transport the cold beer and ice to the new cooler on wheels. 

Back to the story, I immediately called UPS stating that while I just received notification that my cooler had arrived, that it had INDEED NOT arrived, and I was having a party..yadda yadda 

They contacted the driver. Apparently, he got too busy and another driver took some of his load. Still not really sure why they marked it delivered, but I did receive it within 20 minutes. 

Seemed a little sketch to me.. but it's home and ready for the next party!
Beer in a Tub

Cooler Park

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Happy Hour 4/29/16

 I just moved into a new place in March. It's on the way home for some of my friends so decided to have a Happy Hour.
 Here's is my charcuterie board. I used italian meats from Costco, various crackers and cheeses with stuff olives, tomatoes and baby gherkins. 
 Of course, it's not happy hour with dips and chips. Since it was Friday after work, I decided to pick some dips up from a local restaurant.  I ordered a quart of each: queso, guacamole, pico de gallo, and salsa. When I arrived to pick up the order, it was $62.00.  Holy guacamole, Batman!!!
 This picture makes me laugh! This is after we put the leftover food away!

Sign of a good party! Can't wait to do it again!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Halloween Decor 2015

I added to my decor this year with thrift store finds from Urban Thrift here in Dallas as well Dollar Tree.  I promise I was not paid by Dollar Tree ! Ha 

My theme this year is skeletons & skulls! Dollar Tree has them in abundance, and I painted them in metallics- silver and gold. 

I bought this glass with the witches hand several years ago! It reminds me of Wicked. The pedestal it is on came from a thrift store. I painted it black. Eyeballs are new from Dollar Tree. 

This is a small portable fireplace! The sign came from Dollar Tree -several years ago.  My friend, Misty, gave me the black glitter pumpkins. The white and silver pumpkins were from a thrift store that my nieces painted for me. 

I have had this darling sign for years! 

These are little house that my nieces painted black. Found these at the same thrift store as the other items above. 

Drunk skeleton! This guy started out beige until I metallicized him. 

Dollar Tree again! I bought these for a little party this Saturday! 

Candy corn lights

Retro bathroom hand towel from Target! 

Front porch decor. Witch and pillow from Urban Thrift in Dallas. 
Painting our thrift store finds. Looks very scary at night while they were drying! 

Cute pillow I got a couple years ago! Do not remember where. Probably TJ Maxx

Got these last year from Urban Thrift 

This picture came off the cover of Oluve and Cocoa catalog last year! 

Skull measuring cups from World Market last year. Love the "Drink Up Witches" napkins 

Skull measuring spoons that I bought at World Market last year with the above cups. 

 Skull Dish towels mix in with my Parisian theme 

Love these little plates. I got them at TJ Maxx years ago
I got this at Dollar Tree several years ago.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Jennie-O Jalapeno Turkey Burger @ MOOYAH Burgers

Jennie-O Jalapeno Turkey Burger
Sweet Potato Fries

Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette

Back in March, my friend Connie and I went to Mooyah to check out Jennie-O's Jalapeno Turkey Burger. 
It is no longer available, but they do still offer a turkey burger.

The jalapeno turkey burger was very good.  I wish I had gotten jalapeno jack cheese on it, and it would have tasted even better. I bet the turkey burger with the jalapeno jack cheese  will be just as good.

I had not eaten at Mooyah before.  I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.  
Not only was the burger good, but the side portions were amazing.  
I ordered the side salad and Connie ordered a single order of sweet potato fries.

My salad was delicious and very fresh!
I definitely recommend, and I will got back! 

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Trader Joe's Gingerbread Cake

I found this bundt pan, and it reminded me a Christmas
Come to find out, it's called Fiesta Party by Nordic so I'm not really sure it was intended for Christmas
But it looked good to me

I do not know what it is about bundt pans 
they seem to be my "go to"

I think because I can make several different flavor cakes
and know that one will appeal to someone 
This is one of my Christmas 2014 desserts that I served along with a 
traditional bundt red/green/white swirl cake
a heath bar cake (no bundt)

I always like to have gingerbread. 
 It just looks Christmasy
everyone loves it

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Christmas Bundt Cake

Red & Green Bundt Cake

Red and Green Swirl Christmas Bundt Cake
This is one of the desserts I served Christmas 2014

I used a white cake mix.
I beat the ingredients based on the box directions.
I separated the mixture into 3 separate bowls
Mixed one with green gel coloring
Mixed the other with red gel coloring
Left some white

I poured the white mixture into the bundt pan first
then layered the green inside the white
then the red inside the green

I will admit that I seem to have trouble
getting bundt cakes to come out "clean"
in the traditional bundt pans
The bundt pans that have more detail
I seem to not have a problem
I think I get impatient and try to remove it too soon before it's completely cool

So, what you cannot see if that this cake didn't come out clean
It separated
I was initially going to just use a powdered sugar glaze
but that did not hide my mistake
So, thanks to pinterest
I found a solution
White "whipping frosting" in the can
I separated it out into 2 bowls
Added green gel coloring to one
Then red gel coloring to the other
microwaved them "separately"
and "ta da"
It looked amazing
and no one was the wiser