Thursday, July 17, 2008

Field Trip to Arlington

Today I got to go to the new Arlington office to see how our network equipment gets installed. I will not spend much time on this topic, since I would come across as a super geek. It was an adventurous field trip, though. Our new building is in the KSCS/WBAP/ESPN building. I heard that Michael Irvin was in the building doing his show while I was there. Unfortunately, I was not there long enough to run into him and get his autograph. Maybe tomorrow. I will be out there all day tomorrow starting at 8am. I might run into Hal J, Tony Dorsey, Hawkeye (hmm, has he ever gotten married... ) Stay tuned...

The network came up pretty quickly without any glitches. I hear this is not the norm at all. I now consider myself their good luck charm. They aren't really acknowledging it.

Lunch time. The Traildust was across the street. Both Ross and I haven't eaten there in years, so it was the obvious choice of Steak and Shake and Saltgrass. BAD DECISION. Boy, was it the worse meal I have ever had. OMG. Our first clue was that it was 12:15, and only a couple of people in there. It took forever to get our sandwiches (prime rib for Ross and grilled chicken for me). They were both over cooked. I had to trim the char off the ends of mine. I ended up with a 50 cent size piece of meat. It was not good. They offered a separate $10. lunch menu - I think that might be the menu we were supposed to eat off of. Unfortunately, we'll never know for sure.. since I have no intentions of ever returning there. EVER!!!

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